Racer Ashwin Sundar's Death — Things That May Have Gone Wrong

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Indian national racing champion Ashwin Sundar and his wife Niveditha were charred to death in a tragic accident on March 18, 2017, when their BMW Z4 lost control and hit a tree and burst into flames.

This tragic accident is a reminder for the need of safety on Indian roads. Ashwin was driving a BMW Z4 which is a safe car from the German car maker. But the company refuses to give any statement until the investigation is completed.

Ashwin was behind the wheel of a four-year-old Z4. It is not yet known, whether there were any modifications to the vehicle that hampered the safety of the car. Only the Police investigation can confirm if there were any extensive changes done to the Z4.

As per initial reports, it is said that the BMW Z4 missed a speed breaker at a speed of 120km/h. At such speed, the car runs over the speed breaker and goes airborne.

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Then the sequence of events indicates that Ashwin had lost control of the car. After that, the car hits a median and veers to the pavement. Then the Z4 hit a tree and was possibly stuck between the tree and the compound wall.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

There is also a possibility of doors being jammed between the wall and the tree and trapping the occupants. The BMW Z4 was designed with door locks which are meant to release in the event of a collision.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

Even though it is just a speculation, there is also a possibility that Ashwin and his wife may have survived the impact. But the fire which completely engulfed the car led to the death of the couple.

Although these are only speculations which led to the death of Ashwin and his wife, to get an answer for the mishap we have to wait for the investigation to come up with the possible reason behind this tragic event.


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