Automotive Research Association of India Reveals Autonomous Car Prototype

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The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has revealed the country's maiden autonomous car prototype. The prototype is developed indigenously in a joint venture with Cognizant Technologies.

On the final day of the Symposium for International Automotive Technology, a short video clip was played showcasing a small driverless car on a test track.

The self-driving prototype car is capable of performing basic functions such as overtaking a stationary vehicle, moving on a smooth road and turning left or right. A team of 20 people from ARAI and Cognizant worked on this project.

Although there is a debate going on in the auto industry about the feasibility of self-driving cars in India. But ARAI believes that autonomous technology can be used to assist night-driving in India and it will potentially cut down the accidents.

Deputy Director of ARAI, Mangesh Saraf said, "We believe it will be much safer (when the technology matures), as the sensors fixed on the car can sense 360 degrees, and farther than the human eye."

He added, "Autonomous vehicles need are not just driverless vehicles, but also as driver-assisted vehicles with better reaction and intelligence." Recently Mahindra & Mahindra Managing Director, Pawan Goenka stated that autonomous technology can be tested in tractors on farms.

ARAI aims to test the self-driving prototype car in six months with more vehicles around to simulate the real world conditions.

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