Top 10 Worst Selling Cars In FY16

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Have you ever looked at the car industry and thought of all the cars that are being sold in India? The battle for being the top selling vehicle in India is very competitive and Maruti Suzuki has held the top spot for long. That could soon change because the Renault Kwid is inch inching towards the top.

But has anyone wondered how the other end of the sales chart look like? While carmakers are selling good numbers of a few models, some models are struggling. So here's a look at top 10 worst selling vehicles in India during the Financial Year (FY) of 2015-16.

10. Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta takes the tenth place in our list of the 10 worst selling cars in India, having sold 1,940 units during FY16. Sales has dropped over a year's time as the German brand sold 2,165 units of the Jetta during FY15.

9. Fiat Avventura

Taking the ninth spot is the Fiat Avventura, the crossover version of the Punto. Fiat managed to sell 1,906 units of the Avventura during FY16. The Avventura has been a very slow seller for the carmaker since its launch, and even the introduction of a performance variant, the Abarth Avventura has failed to garner sales for the carmaker.

8. Renault Pulse

Renault may be competing for the top spot of the best selling cars in India with the Renault Kwid, but the Pulse is in the other end of the sales list, having sold only 1,712 units. The Pulse has seen a decrease in number compared to FY15, when the carmaker sold 2,301 units of the Pulse hatchback.

7. Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai comes in at the seventh place with the Elantra. The South Korean carmaker is selling models such as the i20 and the Grand i10 in good numbers, but the Elantra takes a spot as one of the worst selling cars in India. During FY16, Hyundai sold 1,708 units of the Elantra sedan.

6. Chevrolet Sail UVA

In the sixth place comes the Chevrolet Sail UVA hatchback. Chevrolet is struggling with sales in India and the car that is the second most affected for the American carmaker is the Sail UVA. During FY16, Chevrolet managed to sell just 1,507 units of the UVA hatchback.

5. Fiat Linea

The Fiat Linea is a decent looking car with a decent engine and performance. But that is not enough to sell volumes as numbers prove it. The Linea sold 1,447 units during FY16. Even an optional turbocharged petrol engine (Linea T-Jet) has failed to gain interest with enthusiasts in India.

4. Chevrolet Cruze

Taking the fourth place is the Chevrolet Cruze, which is also the American carmaker's flagship sedan in India. The Cruze, in spite of having a powerful diesel engine and packed with features is Chevrolet's worst selling car in India for a while now. Chevrolet sold 935 units of the Cruze during FY16 and 1,401 units during FY15, which clearly shows the decline in numbers.

3. Renault Scala

The third worst selling car in India during FY16 is the Renault Scala. Renault has models such as the Duster and the Kwid that are selling well, and cars such as the Pulse and the Scala at the other end, selling really bad. During FY16, Renault sold 830 units of the Scala, compared to selling 1,473 units during FY15.

2. Mahindra Verito Vibe

Taking the second spot is the Mahindra Vibe hatchback. Mahindra has recorded 609 units sold during FY16 (from April 2015 to Feb 2016). The Verito Vibe, although has a unique design for a hatchback, it did not appeal to customers which is one of the major reasons for low sales.

1. Renault Fluence

The worst selling car in India during FY16 is the Renault Fluence. Renault has three models in this list alone. The Renault Fluence was the worst selling car even during FY15, when the French carmaker sold 232 units. During FY16, Renault has only managed to sell 113 units, which is almost half the number of cars sold last financial year.

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