World’s Largest Automaker 2016: Toyota Slightly Ahead In The Race With Volkswagen

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The race for the world's largest automaker for 2016 is getting tighter every month. The global giants Toyota Motor Corp. and Volkswagen AG are fighting for the top finish this year. At the beginning of 2016 Volkswagen was ahead of Toyota and then the diesel gate scandal has put a brake in the surge by the German company.

Currently, the picture has changed with Toyota ahead by a slender margin mainly from the push of sales in August. Toyota has produced 6.69 million units in the first eight months said the company. Volkswagen, on the other hand, has produced 6.66 million units for the same period.

A mere 23,422 units separate the behemoths of automobile industry considering that both produce 10 million cars and trucks every year. Toyota's production includes Daihatsu and truck maker Hino. As for Volkswagen, it has 12 brands under it which account for the production of the German company.

Volkswagen reports deliveries to wholesale which at least in this case close enough for the production numbers. Toyota on the other hand reports both sales and production, this takes the production.

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