Workhorse Group Signs Agreement With BMW i For Range Extender

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Workhorse Group, a US-based electric vehicle manufacturer has signed a multiyear supply agreement with BMW i for the BMW i3 range extender (REx) units.

This agreement will help supply Workhorse Group's E-Gen electric delivery vehicle. The Workhorse E-Gen delivery vehicles are used as thelast mile connectivity for companies and fulfill their customer's delivery needs.

BMW has a proven record with its Range Extended solution which is powered by a 647cc two-cylinder petrol engine that engages when the battery level drops to a predetermined state-of-charge.

This solution works purely as a generator to produce electricity to extend the vehicle range and will help with the range of the Workhorse E-Gen delivery vehicle.

Steve Burns, Founder, and CEO of Workhorse Group Inc said the REx solution adds significant benefits to their E-Gen vehicle and its customers.

He further said that by signing the agreement with BMW it strengthens their commitment to their customers' fuel efficiencies, maintenance savings, and sustainability initiatives.

At the same time, it continues to eliminate range anxiety which is often experienced in electric vehicles.

Workhorse Group is a US-based original equipment manufacturer of medium-duty, battery-electric delivery vehicles and fully integrated truck-launched and unmanned delivery drones.

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