Already New Volvo XC90 Gets Update

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Volvo updates already new XC90 in 2017, which now includes semi-autonomous driving - Pilot Assist II and PowerPulse diesel technology. Pilot Assist II will be standard equipment on the SUV in selected markets.

The semi-autonomous in the Volvo is like Tesla's Autopilot System. It controls acceleration, braking, steering to follow traffic flow, steering assistance to adaptive cruise control. The system can operate all these functions at speeds up to 120 km/h.

Pilot Assist II can be overridden by the driver at any time, by simply deactivating cruise control or by accelerating or turning the steering wheel. However, using turn signal and wheel to make lane changes doesn't override the system.

The PowerPulse diesel technology is to eliminate the turbo lag found in most diesel engines. For this technology, Volvo added an electric compressor and pressurised two-litre air tank to the powertrain. Fresh air is compressed and stored in the tank which is coming into the vehicle via its air filter.

So, when the throttle is pressed for overtaking or fast acceleration, the compressed air is released into the exhaust manifold. This will quickly spool the turbo for immediate boosting.

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