Volkswagen Snaps Ties With Some Indian Suppliers; Child Workers Deaths Reported

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According to an investigation by Thomson Reuters Foundation child workers, death was reported in illegal and unregulated mines. Volkswagen has since then snapped ties with some of the Indian suppliers of mica.

The investigations of three months were in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh has revealed that at least seven children were killed since June while they were mining for mica, the mineral which puts the car paint to sparkle.

Volkswagen spokesperson Leslie Bothge, said the investigation along with the study of the industry by human rights group Terre des Hommes prompted them to start investigations into the suppliers in India.

He said that the tier one or direct paint suppliers of India for Volkswagen have put additional due diligence efforts to make sure they are buying comes from legal mines where child labour is not used.

Also, additional efforts were undertaken for tier two suppliers. VW temporarily suspended purchases on some of the suppliers untildue diligence is completed and the respective measuresare in place.

Volkswagen's paint suppliers are planning a possibility to create an "industry and multi-stakeholder platform" to address the concerns of child labour and find sustainable solutions in the mica supply chain.

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