Volkswagen e-Crafter Concept Van Revealed

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Volkswagen has revealed an all-electric version of the award-winning Crafter delivery van at the Hanover commercial vehicle show in Germany. The concept has been named as e-Crafter and VW says it is near production ready and is expected to go on sale as early as 2017.

The concept VW e-Crafter will be powered by a 100kw/290Nm electric motor which is fed by a 43kwh lithium-ion battery pack. The e-Crafter is expected to carry up to 1700kg and can travel 208km on a single charge.

By equipping the e-Crafter with the electric motors, the payload space has not been compromised as the electronics and the motor is placed under the front bonnet and the engineers were careful enough with the underfloor batteries that did not steal much of the space.

The e-Crafter is the same as the diesel variant, except that it is an all-electric van confirming VW is serious about emissions after the diesel gate fiasco. The impressive feature is the charging which takes 45 minutes from empty using the new 40kwh "Power DC" charger Volkswagen is developing.

Post the launch of the e-Crafter, the German company said it would introduce a longer range delivery van with 400km range. The new e-Crafter does have its shortcomings, the diesel variant can carry far more payload of 2400kg in the long-wheelbase form.

The second shortcomings for the e-Crafter concept are limited to the top speed of 80km/h which restricts its use only in the urban mobility. The production model will be more efficient and will have better range compared to the concept model before its launches next year.

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