Vettel Not To Be Punished For Radio Profanity At Mexican GP

Sebastian Vettel dropped multiple F-bombs during the end of 2016 Mexican GP. Max Verstappen and Charlie Whiting were the individuals on the receiving end from Vettel.

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Scuderia Ferrari has not managed to win a single race during the 2016 Formula One Championship. With only two races remaining on the 2016 F1 calendar, pressure is mounting on the Italian outfit. Frustration amongst drivers was also evident at the recent round in Mexico City.

Four-time Formula One Champion, Sebastian Vettel was annoyed with everyone during the Mexican GP. He hurled obscene and foul language at a rival as well as the Race Director. Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing and Charlie Whiting were at the centre of Vettel's outburst.

Post-2016 Mexican GP, Sebastian Vettel personally apologised to Charlie Whiting in person. The German-born driver also wrote letters to FIA President, Jean Todt and Formula One Race Director, Charlie Whiting. In which, he apologises for his behaviour over the radio.

However, due to the quick and sincere apology from Sebastian Vettel, no disciplinary action will be taken up against him. Vettel has vowed that a similar incident will not occur again. He also promised that he would contact Verstappen and explain the situation in a calm manner.

Officials have confirmed that they will not be so lenient with drivers if a similar incident takes place. Disciplinary action will be taken up against any driver that is disrespectful.

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