Uber Technologies Launches First Electric Car Fleet In Madrid

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Ride-hailing service Uber Technologies has launched its first fleet of electric cars in the city of Madrid in Spain on Thursday. The firm launched the fleet in an attempt to improve its image in the environmentally-conscious city.

The firm had a difficult time making its mark in Spain's capital and its service was stopped in 2014, after protests and tightened regulation from the city's local taxi firms. In April, Uber began operating again in the city of Madrid.

Carles Lloret, Managing Director of Uber for Southern Europe said, "We want to do things that are in line with what the town hall wants." He also hopes that the electric car initiative will get left-wing, environmentally mayor Manuela Carmena on board.

Last month, Madrid's city administration launched new measures to decrease pollution and traffic flow in the city. Uber is hoping that the newly launched electric fleet will fit in with the new plans.

Lloret added, "We would love to see more licenses awarded in the future, perhaps for greener cars so there could be more in circulation."

Ride-hailing service Uber Technologies was founded in 2009 has spread all across the world but eventually, it has come up against opposition from traditional taxi drivers and faced court injunctions in several countries.

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