Uber To Take To The Skies; To Venture Into Flying Cars

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Uber Technologies is exploring the viability of an aircraft that can take off and land vertically for urban mobility use. The ride-hailing company has published a 98-page white paper outlining its research titled "Fast-Forwarding to Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation".

The company is not planning to build its concept based on a helicopter-like vehicle, the San Francisco startup said it would organise a conference to discuss the development of what it describes as VTOL, or an aircraft for vertical takeoff and landing.

Uber, refers to this as the nascent flying car program as Uber Elevate. Uber wrote in its white paper "We also believe that in the long-term, VTOLs will be an affordable form of daily transportation for the masses, even less expensive than owning a car,"

It further read that rather than building the VTOL, they will collaborate with vehicle developers, regulators, city and national government and other community stakeholders at the same time bringing the table a very fertile market of excited consumers and a clear vehicle and operations use case.

Uber founded in 2009 is investing is self-driving cars on its own by hiring researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and by buying the autonomous trucking company, Otto.

The company recently started picking up customers in Pittsburgh in self-driven Volvo cars.

As this brings to our attention about Uber foraying into flying cars, the company acknowledges that it will take sometime to develop the concept.

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