Uber Self-Driving Cars Head To Arizona After California Dispute

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Uber Technologies Inc pulled out its self-driving cars from California and the cars are headed to Arizona. Uber shut down the self-driving car project in its hometown after a dispute over permit with the regulators.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles revoked the registration of 16 Uber self-driving cars on last Wednesday stating that the cars lacked proper permit.

Whereas in Arizona it does not require any special permits for self-driving cars. According to the state Department Of Transportation, the self-driving cars should have the same registration requirements as any other normal car.

Uber was testing the self-driving cars in California for just a week and all the while it was engaged in a dispute with the state DMV and attorney general. The company was threatened to remove its self-driving cars from the road for not having the permit.

Ultimately Uber removed its autonomous cars from the roads of California and loaded them into long haul trucks on Thursday. An Uber spokesperson said, "Our cars departed for Arizona this morning by truck. We'll be expanding our self-driving pilot there in the next few weeks."

Uber selected San Francisco as the second testing ground for its self-driving cars. But immediately faced legal issue with the state DMV to obtain special permit to test autonomous vehicles on road.

But Uber declined to obtain the permit stating that the regulations does not apply to its cars, which required constant monitoring and physical intervention by a person. Whereas the California law states that an autonomous vehicle has the capability to drive " without the active physical control or monitoring of a natural person."

Amid this dispute, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey invited Uber to test its self-driving cars in its state. In a statement Ducey said, "Arizona welcomes Uber self-driving cars with open arms and wide open roads."

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