Traffic Jams In The IT City Takes A Heavy Toll On Its Economy

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Traffic Jams in Bangalore is a hot topic and one of the best discussion over a coffee in your office cafeteria. Nobody requires convincing through figures on how the traffic jams are impacting the economy of the IT city. Bangalore is losing close to 60 crore working hours a year due to the traffic jams.

A consultancy agency that is preparing the ‘revised master plan for Bengaluru 2031' has the data on the cost to the IT city's economy due to the traffic jams. The agency has prepared a note on the transport sector stating that the traffic in Bangalore has become a ‘scourge' and is getting worse every day.

Bangalore is home to nearly 10 million people and the road network is stressed out with a load of 90 lakh vehicles trips every day. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) does about 3,000 trips every day with its fleet of 6,000 buses.

The economic loss impacted due to the traffic jams is quite huge and is estimated that fuel losses run up to 2.8 lakh litres per hour, that translates to 50 crore litres per annum. If you add the number of working hours which is lost it totals Rs 3,700 crore per year. This will only get bigger in the coming years with the current state of traffic snarls in the city.

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