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Toyota’s Creative Advertisement Targets Tesla Model 3 Waiting List Customers

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Toyota is the third automaker who is directly trying to convince Tesla Model 3 waiting list customers to drop the pre-orders and buy its vehicles. Tesla has a pool of approximately 400,000 potential customers who have deposited $1,000 for the $35,000 electric Model 3.

Nissan and BMW have been other two automakers who are trying to convince Tesla reservation holders to buy their vehicles. Nissan was the first to try to gamble back in April, this was just afew weeks after the unveiling of the Model 3. The company bought anexpensive full-page advertisement in some of the leading US journals.

While BMW and Nissan went the printed media advertising, Toyota is going digital. The Toyota Mirai is available virtually only in California, people searching for the Tesla Model 3 are being served with the advertisement on Google of the Toyota Mirai.

Toyota/Google are using the ‘Tesla-Model-3' in the URL for the search to match; however, persons searching are being served with the advertisement of the Toyota Mirai. The advertisement talks about the waiting period of the Model 3 when you can buy the Toyota Mirai instead without waiting to drive one.

Earlier, Nissan had published the advertisement on leading journals and the ad read "Why wait when you can drive an all-electric LEAF now? And why drop $1,000 to stand in line when you can get $4,000 cash back and best-in-class range?". This advertisement did not dent the sales of the Tesla Model 3 though.

BMW's advertisement gave it a shot too and released the advertisement with "wait or drive" campaign and tried to lure the Tesla customers. The advertisement through a video featuring dummy Tesla Superchargers and empty parking lot just make sure they are referring to Tesla.

Watch the BMW advertisement take on Tesla Model 3.

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