Toyota To Focus On Long-Range Electric Cars

Toyota is aiming to launch and sell its first long-range EVs in 2020 in Japan

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Toyota Motor Co. will focus on mass producing the long-range electric cars and will hit the market by 2020.

This is a dramatic shift in strategy as it had earlier said it will concentrate on short-distance commuting due to the high price of rechargeable batteries and long charging times.

Rivals such as Nissan Motor and Volkswagen have vouched for pure electric cars as the most zero-emission for the future.

By bringing the long-range electric car to its portfolio, Toyota would be shifting its stance from promoting plug-in petrol-electric hybrid cars and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs) and the most promising optional to conventional cars.

As per certain reports, Toyota will be setting up a team in 2017 dedicated to developing EVs that can travel more than 300km on a single charge.

Plans include considering existing models such as the Prius hybrid and Corolla for the long-range EVs.

Japan is all set to host the 2020 summer Olympics and Toyota will begin selling its first long-range EV in the same year as well markets such as California where automakers need to sell a certain portion of zero-emission cars.

Toyota sells the Prius hybrid and the new approach comes amid heightened requirement for long-range EVs.

Many of the car makers are developing or in the process of ideating the prospects of long-range mass-market EVs for the future.

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