Toyota Corolla Celebrates 50 Years Of Existence

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Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation's Corolla is celebrating its 50th anniversary and the firm has launched a special website.

Toyota has sold 44 million units of Corolla around the globe. Toyota launched its first generation Corolla on October 20, 1966, at that time interest for cars was growing at a brisk pace in Japan.

Over the past 50 years, the Corolla has evolved over 11 generations and it is being manufactured in 13 countries.

Toyota sells over 1.3 million units of Corolla per year in more than 150 countries. The statemnet from Toyota read, "The 80 Point Doctrine +α Concept underpinned the development of the Corolla."

"This design concept stipulates that the car has to achieve 80 points on a 100-point scale on average, and some +α (extra) features were necessary to give the vehicle additional appeal, which would help exceed customers' expectations."

"It takes 9 million cars to cover the earth's circumference once and hypothetically, if were to stack all the Corolla cars sold till date globally, then we would be taking 4.7 rounds across the circumference of the earth."

The special website highlights various aspects of the Corolla such as customer memories, history of the vehicle and comments from those charged with developing the car and more.

Director and Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, N Raja said, "With its rich legacy and phenomenal success across the globe, the Toyota Corolla has set a benchmark & market leadership in India with 42% segment share."

He added, "Well appreciated for its design innovation and time-tested quality engineering, the Corolla Altis has been doing consistently well ever since its launch in India and has won the hearts of over 1 lakh happy customers in India."

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