Tesla’s New Demo Emphasises Self-Driving Technology

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Tesla, the American electric car manufacturer has released a demo through a video highlighting the technology of self-driving. The released video from Tesla showcases the progress in the driverless car technology.

Tesla had announced in October 2016 that all its future cars will come with the self-driving technology. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors shared the video through a tweet through his personal Twitter handle.

The demo video has been shot from the car's Point of View (POV) showing all the hurdles or in-path objects that the technology recognises to ensure a smooth drive, be it traffic signals and other vehicles on the road.

The footage reveals the Tesla car manoeuvring through by-lanes with ease, stopping at signals, recognising when to slow down if there any hurdles or objects in front of it.

The video also shows how the software recognises in-path objects, people, road signs, road lights and lane lines, all of which are assigned with different colour codes.

With a man seated in the driver seat for legal reason of a person driving a car throughout the journey.

All the while, the man is seated with both his hands firmly placed on his lap without driving or shifting gears or even placing his feet on the accelerator or brakes. At the end of the demo, the driver is seen getting out of the car without parking. The car recognises an empty parking slot and parks it without any intervention seamlessly.

The video is significant for Tesla and its progress on the technology of self-driving cars. Google is working on a similar project as well.

Apple has changed its course by moving away from theautonomous car and instead is focusing on a new autonomous driving software based on its augmented reality research efforts. As Apple has moved away from building an autonomous car, Tesla's progress in this technology is commendable as it is getting ready to ship cars with the autonomous software.

Watch Tesla video demonstrating its progress in autonomous technology

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