Tesla Stops Mental P90D Trim, Model S Gets Extra Glassy

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American electric carmaker Tesla has dropped the manic P90D trim level from its Model S sedan and Model X SUV lineups. However, it is not all bad news for Tesla fans as the eletric carmaker has now added a glass roof option for the Model S.

While many will mourn the loss of the P90D trim level on the Model S and X, the decision to stop them has been a bit inevitable.

Tesla recently unveiled the P100D which ups the performance ante with a hypercar quick 2.5 second sprint to 60m/h(96.5km/h) for the Model S.

The time is 0.3 seconds faster than the one posted by the P90D, which was the first ever four-door car with 0-60m/h time of under 3 seconds at 2.8 seconds.

In the case of the heavier Model X, the new P100D variant does the same sprint in 2.9 seconds almost half a second quicker than the P90D variant.

However, it was the gains in terms of range with the new 100kWh battery pack, that could have been the death knell for the P90D trim levels. The P100D increases the range of the Model S and Model X by 72.4 kilometres (45 miles) and 62.7 kilometers (39 miles) to 507 kilometres (315 miles) and and 465 kilometres (289 miles) respectively.

To make up for the bad news though, Tesla have added a new glass roof option for those buying a Model S (any trim level). The extra glass from glass-making venture is a rather expensive option though, cost a hefty $2,000 (Rs. 1.33 lakh).

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