Tesla Ends Free Unlimited Use Of Supercharging Stations — Not For All Though

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Tesla has announced that cars bought post-January 1, 2017 will not get the free unlimited Supercharging, instead, they will be charged a certain fee to use the Supercharger Network.

This comes close to Tesla previously announcing that its mass-market Model 3 will not come with the use of free unlimited Supercharging credit.

However, Tesla said that any cars bought after January 1, 2016 will get 400kwh worth of free Supercharging credit every year. This amounts approximately to 1,600kms of free travel.

Post the 400kwh is used up, Tesla said they will charge a small fee to Supercharge which will be charged incrementally and will cost less than petrol cars.

The company though has not confirmed how much the "fee" will be as it could fluctuate and vary regionally based on thecost of electricity.

The reason behind the move to charge for the Supercharger is not about turning them into profit but to invest the money in increasing the Supercharger Network as they look towards the launch of the Model 3.

As for those owners who bought their Tesla before the assigned date and take delivery before April in 2017 can enjoy the unlimited free Supercharging in the 4,600 Superchargers.

Ideally, customers have another two months to avail the offer of free unlimited Supercharging from the Supercharger Network by buying a Tesla.

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