Tesla 8.1 Software Update To Kick Off Enhanced Autopilot

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Elon Musk was replying to a question on when the 8.1 software update will be rolled out and was confirmed that the new update will kick off the new "Enhanced Autopilot" suite. The new Enhanced Autopilot will use the new "Tesla Vision" system.

The new hardware will include eight surround cameras, 12 updated ultrasonic sensors and a forward facing radar. The company will soon turn to monthly updates of the software from 2017 onwards.

This new "Enhanced Autopilot" means that the Tesla will match the speed to the traffic conditions, keep with a lane, moving from one freeway to another and exit the freeway when the destination is approaching.

Also, automatically change lanes without any driver input, self-park when you want to park, also, summon to and from the garage.

The new plan is to make the Teslas equipped with new hardware capabilities of fully autonomous driving by end of 2017.

All of this is possible when it is "subject to regulatory approval says, Tesla.

The hardware 2 does not include the lidar sensors which other automakers view it as crucial for fully autonomous driving.

Elon Musk though feels, the lidar which is similar to radar uses light instead of radio waves which isn't really necessary.

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