High Speed Car Accident — Tesla Model S Catches Fire

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The Tesla Model S has been in the news for various reasons, ranging from its design to its infamous autopilot features. Now, the American made Tesla Model S is back in the news, after it caught fire in a high speed crash.

The incident took place in Netherland, when a 53 year old driver crashed the car and was killed as well. Reports suggest that the Tesla Model S crashed at high speeds and upon impact, the electric car immediately caught fire, killing the driver.

By the time local firefighters reached the scene, the car was completely burnt. Firefighters had a tough time putting out the flame and avoid being electrocuted at the same time. The exact reason behind the fire is still unknown and according to a few experts, the reason could be because of one of the battery modules.

Tesla has dispatched its staff to the scene of the accident, and also helped firefighters put out the flame in a safe way. Tesla will investigate the matter and soon reveal the reason as to why the car caught fire upon impact.

The Tesla Model S is a fully electric car made by the American carmaker. The car's electric motor can help the Model S accelerate from 0 – 60km/h in just 2.5 seconds and can run up to 500km on a fully charged battery.

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