Tesla Cars Will Be Equipped To Drive On Their Own

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Tesla Motors has started to build its electric cars with all the required sensors, cameras and gear needed to drive completely on their own.

This announcement was made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, this marks the US carmakers next step towards selling its cars which can navigate on its own without the need of a human.

Tesla has offered a feature called as Autopilot in its cars since last year. But it is not completely autonomous and needs to be monitored by the driver all the time.

After extensive testing and getting all the regulatory clearance, all Tesla cars will be equipped with necessary equipment to be fully autonomous. Musk stated that this technology is twice as safe as a human driver.

But by adding this additional technology will result in a bump in the price tag of the Tesla cars. Adding all the hardware and software to be fully autonomous will cost an extra $8000.

Tesla's future cars will be equipped with eight cameras compared to one camera in current models which are running the less sophisticated Autopilot system. The new cars will have twice the sensors as the current car and 40 times of more computing power capable of performing 12 trillion operations per second.

Even if the regulations will allow this technology to be used on the road Tesla is not yet ready to pull the trigger, saying it needs more testing and has to gather more data. So purchasing a Tesla's autonomous car will be a vanity purchase.

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