Tata Motors Planning To Eliminate Human Driving

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With many manufacturers investing in the future of safety features like Daimler, Tesla and Google (self-driven cars), Tata Motors is keen to be first to bring the technology of Driver Assistance System in its cars to India.

Tim Leverton, head of advanced and product engineering said, "There's clearly a movement globally towards more and more autonomy and eventually autonomous cars will come. It's important for us in India to understand the technologies behind that (autonomous driving) and that it will come into our market gradually."

Some of the functions that Tata Motors is looking to bring through the driver assistance system are collision avoidance and automated parking to its cars.

Tata has been losing its market share in India and wants to be the first who will offer this features in cars in India and gain some momentum in its sales. Its subsidiary, JLR is working with TCS are working on a project to feature it in their cars and might make its way to India.

Currently, Tata is offering features like free in-car navigation through its partner MapMyIndia to power this feature and it claims that its first firm to do so not just in India, but globally.

The cost of LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) module, which uses Radar technology for detection is quite expensive currently, however, this will significantly come down in the future.

Some of the features in the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are below, also, watch a video by Honda explaining each of these features.

  • Cross Traffic Monitor
  • City-Brake Active system
  • Traffic Sign Recognition system
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Information
  • High Beam Support System

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