Skoda Octavia vRS Beats Ferrari 458 Italia's Time On 'The World's Best Road'

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One of the beautiful roads in Romania, the Transfagarasan, has attracted local auto enthusiasts after Jeremy Clarkson named it "the best road in the world."

This week, a driver in a Skoda Octavia vRS has beat a record set by a Ferrari 458 Italia.

You might be thinking what kind of record are we talking about. In August 2015, driver, Fabio Barone set a record on the Transfagarasan road.

The run was held on a section of 12.3km, which was closed for public, for obvious safety reasons.

Mr Barone drove his Ferrari 458 from the "Balea" Waterfall on the route to the "Balea" Lake in 9 minutes, 13 seconds.

The local team who wanted to beat Fabio's timing chose a stock Skoda Octavia vRS 230, which also claimed to be the fastest Czech car ever produced. The car was bone-stock, except for the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tires.

The driver, Mitrasca, and co-driver, Magda Matei, had participated only in a single race before this attempt.

The Romanian crew broke the record set by Fabio by 47 seconds, which is a coincidence since that is the same race-number on Mitrasca's car. For those interested in numbers, the time they clocked was 8 minutes, 26 seconds.

The Romanian Federation of Motorsport (RFM) was there to witness the attempt, which was timed by FIA-approved TAG Heuer devices.

After setting the new record, Andrei Mitrasca, the driver who beat a Ferrari in a stock Skoda, stated that he is happy with the outcome.

Mitrasca also said that the run wasn't about reaching extremely high speeds, but holding a constant pace and pushing hard in the corners. He wrote on his Facebook wall that it would break his heart if nobody came to break the record set by him.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 12:12 [IST]
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