F1 Chief: Unhappy About Singapore Pulling Out Of Hosting The Grand Prix

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Bernie Ecclestone, Formula One Chief has slammed the "ungrateful" Singapore as he revealed the Lion city is set to quit hosting its Grand Prix.

Ecclestone who has been at the helm of Formula One affairs said Singapore's night race which has been hosting it from 2008 has put the Lion city on the map and elevated from being "just an airport".

Ecclestone has been quoted stating that Singapore would not extend the deal. He said that they have done a lot to the city and said that the Grand Prix has cost Singapore a lot of money, but they have given a lot of money as well.

He further added that Singapore was suddenly more than just a airport to fly to or from somewhere and now they believe that they have reached a goal and they do not want a Grand Prix anymore.

The city pioneered the idea of night racing mainly to cater to European TV viewers when it was added to F1 calendar in 2008 and is one of the highlights for fans of F1 and drivers as well.

Recent reports of tickets sales in Singapore at this years GP was the lowest in the last nine years.

The daily attendance around the Marina Bay circuit in September was 73,000 compared to 219,000 spectators over three days. Nico Rosberg from Mercedes won the 2016 Singapore GP.

Ecclestone said that the Brazilian and German Grand Prix were under threat as well and he even speculated that world champion teams such as Mercedes and Ferrari may leave the sport within the next few years.

He added that just like Honda, BMW and Toyota who left the Formula One racing, Mercedes and Ferrari might follow suit once Formula One has done the job for them and there is no gratitude and it's the same with the organisers as well.

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