Easy Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself — Don’t Pay A Mechanic To Do It!

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In the recent era, cars have become complex and all the more people's schedules have become much tighter. For many, taking the car to the mechanic is the easy solution in need of a service. Well, it does not need to be this way, yes, there are big and labour intensive jobs like engine work or replacing a broken axle which is best to leave it to the mechanic.

Here are five simple and easy car fixes that do not require you to pay a mechanic to repair it:

Rotate and Change Your Own Tires

The tyre and the cars are the only one which links the car and the road, hence you need to keep an eye on it. Apart from tyre pressure look out for any side wall bulges and other defects and rotate the tyre to find out if there are any uneven wear and tear.

In case of a flat tyre, which is the most common fix that anybody can do it. Make sure you have the floor jack or the jack stands and the required wheel lug nut spanner to change the flat tyre. All car manufacturers do provide the kit as standard and this should help you change the wheels.

Change Wiper Blades

With weather not being constant, there is bound to be wear and tear of the wiper blades and possibly might not be efficient to give you the cleanest windshield. Purchase the genuine spares from the car manufacturer to change the wiper blades.

It takes just of couple of minutes to fix a new wiper blade to your car and this will indeed save some money if taken to the service station.

Change Filters

Most of the cars on the road are equipped with both the engine air filter and a cabin air filter. Replacing these will ensure both the car and you breathe right. These filters are easy to replace - locate the filter box, remove and replace the filter.

While the genuine spares is the way to go, there are aftermarket products especially the high-flow engine air filters can help the car breathe easier and produce more power. Read through your owner's manual for appropriate part number and replacement interval for better efficiency.

Replace Dead or Dying Battery

While a dead battery will not start your car, a dying battery can be identified with a car battery tester and is easily available as anaftermarket product. Check the owner's manual for the right specifications of the battery for your particular car.

Replacing the dead battery is easy, disconnect the leads of the old battery and unbolt from its place. Install and secure the new battery, but make sure you clean the leads and the terminals with a wire brush to remove any dust or rust. Also, if you have fit your car with anti-theft device for its sound system, make sure you have the security code handy before disconnecting the battery.

Top Up Coolant And Engine Oil

This fix the easiest of all, both the coolant container and engine oil will have the markings of the required levels. The coolant container will have the levels marked on the box itself, top-up if required.

As for the engine oil level, the engine will have an oil dipstick which reveals the level of the oil. If it requires a top-up, go ahead and fill up the oil to the required level. Both the coolant and engine oil is easily available at the spares shop or any of the fuel stations.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 11:49 [IST]
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