Self-Driving Cars Will Not Work In India — Maruti Suzuki Chairman R.C. Bhargava

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The automotive industry is leaning towards self-driving cars as the future of transport. But Maruti Suzuki Chairman R. C. Bhargava states that the autonomous cars will not work in India.

According to Maruti Suzuki chief, the autonomous vehicles will not work on Indian roads as nobody follows any of the driving rules.

Bhargava said, "I would love to see people try and put that technology to use in the Indian driving conditions."

He was speaking about his views on the self-driving cars and how will the autonomous technology will have an effect on the traditional automobile industry in the future.

He added, "I think no technology will work here when nobody obeys any of the driving rules, nobody obeys any of the systems which are there. How will you devise a technology that will predict customer behaviour? Nobody can predict customer behaviour."

When asked about the impact of taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber on the Indian automobile industry he said they were good for the industry.

He further said, "The reason is they bring much greater efficiency into the ability of people to use cars for transportation, the cars are used much more intensively and efficiently and there is much less of empty running, all of which lead to greater efficiency."

Bhargava also stated that the companies like Ola and Uber will become large purchasers of cars in the future and they will be using the cars optimally and hence the replacement is faster which is good for the automobile industry.

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