Rolls-Royce To End Phantom Production By December 31, 2016

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Rolls-Royce has confirmed that the company will stick to its production schedule and the production of the Phantom models will be halted on the last day of this year.

Rolls-Royce is pretty well known for how it respect its clients, ending the Phantom's production had recently put the British company in a tricky position.

Rolls-Royce had earlier announced its plans to halt production of the current-generation Phantom at the end of this year. The production crew at Goodwood would then go for a break in producing the car until the 2018 Phantom is ready for production.

The challenge currently faced by the company is that the customers are still in Que for the current generation Phantom. Considering Rolls-Royce's relationship with customers, saying "no" to some of its customers could be even more challenging for the company.

Mainstream automakers usually just announce that the production of a particular model has ended, but luxury carmakers tend to be more flexible on such instances.

For example, Ferrari limits its manufacturing limit of specific models to one less than they could sell. They even restrict the sales to a maximum number each year, to maintain its exclusivity.

Rolls-Royce is one of the leading exotic automakers in the world without any doubt, but the company always tend to go out of its usual ways to restrict the clients from acquiring certain models.

Excluding the limited-run models and the special editions, Rolls-Royce may be interested in selling the Phantom. Even though the manufacturer haven't made any official announcements, the demand for the Phantom has increased significantly.

We've seen the same phenomenon when Land Rover halted the Defender production. The final farewell edition of the Defender turned out to be a massive hit regarding sales figures.

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