Rolls Royce Reveals Haute Couture Inspired Dawn

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British luxury carmaker Rolls-Royce has dived into the world of haute couture to add a some high-street fashion sense to the beguiling Dawn convertible.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn - Inspired By Fashion is the combined work of Rolls-Royce Design Director Giles Taylor and designers from the world of fashion, luxury accessories and fine textiles.

The combined team have worked together to create three fashionable Dawns based on three different colour themes - Mugello Red, Cobalto Blue and Mandarin (Orange).

The exteriors of all three cars is done up in Andalucian white while the colour of the roof and the coachline are done up in one of the three colours mentioned earlier.

The same colours are used to accentuate the Arctic White and and Black interior colour scheme. The colours can be seen on the leather stitching, piping and embroidery used in the car.

The dashboard is done up in Piano white and has aluminium accents. The lacquering process alone takes nine days. Also present is a bespoke clock which is set into the centre of the dash.

The door pockets are done up in silk and are adorned with an abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy.

To ensure that the fashionistas inside the haute couture Dawn escape the paparazzi, the 6.6-litre turbocharged V12 pushing out 563bhp is still present.

Rolls-Royce will start taking orders for the Dawn - Inspired by Fashion in November.

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