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Rinspeed's Autonomous Oasis Concept Is So Green It Has Its Own Bonsai Garden

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Swiss carmaker Rinspeed is known for its wacky concept cars and its latest creation, the autonomous Oasis, is no different.

Set to make its debut at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January, the Oasis is an autonomous two-seater city car that is designed for the self-driving world of the future.

The front wheels of the Oasis can turn on their own axis allowing the car to rotate on the spot and make incredibly tight turns.

Inside, the Oasis features a lounge style cabin which includes armchairs, a sideboard, a 5K display with voice and gesture controls that curves around the top of the dashboard along with a folding steering wheel.

Also present at the rear is a temperature controlled drawer with code protection, which is ideal for delivering food (goodby cold pizza) and other parcels.

The windscreen up front acts as a display for both augmented and virtual reality information where illustrations and data can be placed beside on objects outside.

However, what really makes the Rinspeed Oasis stand out from the rest of the autonomous crowd is a small garden plot nestled underneath the windscreen which can be used to grow herbs, vegetables and even small bonsai trees.

Rinspeed will reveal more details about the Oasis concept when the car makes its public debut in Las Vegas during CES 2017.

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