Repsol Launches Passenger Car Engine Oil For Indian Market

Repsol has introduced two new engine oils for four-wheelers in the Indian market. Both engine oils have been carefully developed to suit extreme and tough conditions across the country.

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Gulf Petrochem Group brought Repsol brand of lubricants to Indian shores. Initially, Repsol forayed only into the two-wheeler category. Now, the Spanish-based oil brand has introduced its range of Passenger Car Motor Oils in the Indian market.

As of now, Repsol will offer only two engine oil options in the India market. They are Repsol Elite NEO XTI 5W-40 and Repsol Elite NEO 5W-30. Both engine oils by Repsol are world class products and will be manufactured in India by GP Petroleums Ltd.

The Repsol Elite NEO 5W-30 will improve performance and fuel efficiency. It will also reduce CO2 emissions thus reducing its impact on the environment. This engine oil is best suited for technologically developed engines.

Repsol Elite NEO XTI 5W-40 is a fully synthetic engine oil. This engine oil will work best under extreme conditions. It is also capable of coping with high-performance levels and provides customers with longer intervals between engine oil changes.

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