Renault Might Be Staring At A Probe Just Like Volkswagen

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Renault might face a criminal probe in France as the country's consumer fraud agency has forwarded a file to prosecutors about a possible emission law being breached.

The government's industry minister said the agency had sent the findings to the prosecutors about the inquiry into a possible emissions test manipulations by Renault which was opened with the backdrop of the infamous diesel gate scandal by Volkswagen.

The government said that it is now up to the court to decide what further action needs to be taken over the suspected breach.

Renault on the other hand said its engines have complied with European laws. Both the company and the agency were able to pinpoint the agencies investigations.

As of now, only Volkswagen and Renault have been referred for a possible breach in law and criminal investigation in France.

With Volkswagen in the news for the diesel gate scandal, Renault and other companies have attracted the scrutiny for the possible use of cheating software or device to cover possible higher emission.

The European loophole where it states that cheat device is illegal except when it is required to protect the engine, the loophole which have been exploited.

The findings by the French agency include material found during police searches at Renault sites, interviews with company officials, and results of independent tests conducted on Renault vehicles.

Prosecutors in France are expected to carry out their preliminary inquiry to decide if they need to order a formal probe under an investigating judge which might lead to a full trial.

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