Audi 80 Once Owned By Princess Diana Set To Be Auctioned Off

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An Audi 80, a  rather humble German automobile is set to be auctioned off at next month's NEC Classic Motor Show Sale in Birmingham, England.

The reason why the ancestor of the Audi A4, which was recently launched in India, is garnering so much attention is because of a rather famous owner.

The owner in question is the Late Lady Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, who passed away in August 1997 after a car crash in Paris.

The car in question is painted a rather fetching shade of teal green and was owned by the Princess of Wales between 1994 and 1996. It is expected to fetch anything between £50,000 - 60,000 (Rs. 41.14 - 49.37 lakh).

Powering this rather regal Audi rag-top is a 2.3-litre five-cylinder engine that produced 131bhp and 186Nm of torque when brand new. The engine was paired with an automatic gearbox.

Lady Diana Spencer is said to have bought the car in 1994 and spent over 4,000 miles (6437 kilometres) driving it around in the two years she owned it. The car's current odometer reading is 21,412 miles (34,460 kilometres).

The car has had three owners after the Princess of Wales. The car was first sold to Ian Campbell Dale and it was then sold on in 1998. In 2013, the current owner purchased the Audi cabriolet.

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