Porsche Plans To Sell 20,000 Mission E Every Year — Ambition Or A Big Gamble?

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German carmaker Porsche is targeting sales numbers of 20,000 units per annum for its first ever electric vehicle (EV), the Mission E.

The Mission E, will be Porsche's rival to American Electric carmaker Tesla's flagship Model S electric sedan and is due to hit the streets at the end of the decade in 2019.

Porsche, which is part of the Volkswagen Group is spearheading the automotive giant's push towards electrification following the emissions scandal that rocked the company in September 2015 and lead to VW agreeing to a $15 billion settlement in the United States.

The CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume, told Automobilwoche about his company's plans for the Mission E which was revealed as a concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Speaking to the German magazine in an interview, Blume revealed the annual sales number that Porsche is aiming to hit with the upcoming EV. Blume said, "We have calculated a quantity in the order of about 20,000 for the Mission E."

The four-seater Mission E uses Electric motors that kick out around 600bhp. Porsche claims that the Mission E will be able to sprint to 100km/h from standstill in under 3.5 seconds.

Porsche also claims that the batteries of the Mission E will last for 483 kilometers on a single charge with charging times as low as 15 minutes.

Automobilwoche also reports that Porsche is thinking about getting a hybrid 718 Boxster on the road as well which while a lot more eco-friendly may not sit well with the Porsche fanatic already deprived of two cylinders in the engine department.

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