Porsche And Audi To Develop Independent Platforms For Electric Vehicles

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Most automobile manufacturers are shifting their focus to alternate sources of energy. The Volkswagen Group plans on introducing several electric vehicles in the near future. Now, Porsche and Audi confirm that they will not share platforms for electric vehicles.

Previously, sharing platforms was a common sight amongst Volkswagen Group. Platform sharing lowered cost and development of multiple platforms. The MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix) platform is most shared between Volkswagen Group products.

Though Audi and Porsche have decided not to share platforms, there are other things that would be shared. Porsche and Audi will share a common electric motor and several other components will also be shared to keep costs in check.

Porsche is most likely to equip its electric vehicle with one motor per axle. Audi will utilise two electric motors for the rear and one motor for the front wheels. In theory, both Audi and Porsche's electric vehicles will have different driving dynamics.

In terms of design, both Audi and Porsche will take completely different routes with their electric vehicles. Porsche designers will take the lead with a sporty design language similar to its current range of supercars. Audi, on the other hand, will opt for a design that is suitable for mass production.

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