Nissan Juke SUV On Two-Wheels, Former-Olympian Sir Chris Hoy Masters This Stunt!

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He might be retired and celebrated as Britain's most successful Olympian, but he is back on two-wheels. Sir Chris Hoy managed a tricky and technical driving stunt made famous in James Bond films.

Considered to be very difficult to master the art of driving in two-wheels, Sir Chris mastered the stunt in two days. He was helped by the famous world-record breaking stuntman Terry Grant to under the nuances of driving the Nissan Juke in two-wheels.

Terry Grant said, "Chris nailed it two for two! Driving on two wheels in two days - most people would take two months to master that. I think it highlights his ability to soak up instruction and apply discipline to something that's both mentally and physically challenging - of which he's got plenty of experience. Operating under pressure and being in control at all times, they're the skills you need for this stunt. To master it in such a short period of time, though, I'm really impressed."

On the first day, Sir Chris was given the Nissan Juke with roll cage and a specially built stabilizer wheel on the outside to prevent the Juke from flipping to its roof. After the initial training from Trent, Sir Chris managed to learn a bit of it.

However, on the second day, the supporting external wheel was removed and Sir Chris drove the Nissan Juke on two-wheels for 400-meter distance inviting applauds from the watching team.

As for the Nissan Juke used in the stunt, it was a standard model with modifications to enable it to run on two-wheels. The front differential was modified to divert the drive to the front wheel and prevent the raised wheel from spinning.

Also, a different tyre compound was used for higher PSI levels to be used. Apart from these modifications, the Nissan Juke used in the stunt is same as the standard road car.

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