Got A New Nissan GT-R? Why Don't You Take Nissan’s Offer To Drive On The Track?

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The Nissan GT-R makes a lot of people drool, in terms of the supercar's performance, looks, and power delivery. Now, the new GT-R has got all of the above mentioned 'drool' factor, just multiplied a couple of times more.

Now, Nissan has come up with a clever offer to let the owners of the new Nissan GT-R unleash all those horses under the car's hood, without worrying about speeding tickets.

Nissan is offering customers to experience a day on the track driving the new GT-R for free. Customers buying a car between 14 November 2016 to 31 March 2017 get a chance to drive on the Virginia International Raceway (VIR) for free.

All one has to do is buy a car. As simple as it sounds, there is a small catch — you will be driving your own car and not a GT-R from the manufacturer's side.

That also means you will be shredding those expensive tyres fitted on the new Nissan GT-R, and wearing out the brakes, clutch, and other mechanical parts.

Nissan recommends customers to wait till after the break-in period (run in period) before participating for the track day program, and also, Nissan assures you that the usage of the car at VIR on that day will not void the car's warranty.

The track day offer is available to customers who pick one of the two GT-Rs, the he 557bhp Premium or the 591bhp Nismo.

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