Nissan’s New e-Power Electric-Motor Drivetrain Revealed

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Nissan Motor Co has revealed its new drive system called as e-Power. This is the very first time that the e-Power technology will be available to customers.

The Nissan e-Power shares the technology which is perfected in the Leaf EV. But unlike the Leaf, e-Power adds a petrol engine to charge the high output battery. This eliminates the requirement of an external charger.

The e-Power system will be equipped with the full motor drive, which means wheels are driven by electric motor. This system also requires a bigger motor because the only source of driving the wheels is the motor.

The petrol engine in the e-Power system is not connected to the wheels, but instead, it is used to charge the battery.

The advantage of e-Power system are - massive torque response results in smooth acceleration, quiet in operation and no need to charge the battery externally.

This system is far more efficient than the fully hybrid technology, but the only hurdle is reducing the size of the motor and weight reduction of the overall system.

But Nissan has stated that it has found a way to reduce the weight and size and provide responsive motor control methods and improve energy management.

Nissan says that it is fully committed to developing electric powered drivetrains which use different alternative fuels according to the requirement. And e-Power is a result of this. This will further strengthen the Nissan's lineup of electric powered cars.

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