Nissan’s Idea: Let An Artificial Intelligence Design Our Cars

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Car designers are working hard to make the cars look different and stunning. The designer's job is to make the car look very pleasing and to be accepted by the public. For all these years, they are doing the exact same thing with design. Some have become very successful and some are awful. Nissan is thinking about something else about future of car designing.

Nissan wants to create an artificial intelligence that designs their cars. The idea seems to be brilliant as computers can handle a lot of data and can do it with a very high level of precision than humans. The idea came up from Nissan maybe because they think an artificial intelligence can do much-precise designs.

Nissan has created a prototype AI that can recognise images and based on them it attempts to design cars. For now, the company is in the testing phase. The company says that the AI has already managed to design a car which no one has ever seen before. This design may not perfect but it is a strong start.

One day we could see Nissan asking their AI designer to come up with designs. In the blink of an eye, it creates the designs, which a team of human designers would take weeks or months.

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