Nico Rosberg Wins Thrilling 2016 F1 Championship From Lewis Hamilton

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Nico Rosberg has finally won his very first Formula One Championship. The German driver was put under immense pressure by teammate and Championship rival Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg finished second in the Abu Dhabi GP behind Hamilton, which was enough to clinch the title.

Lewis Hamilton kept backing up Nico Rosberg into Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari. Hamilton's only chance to win the 2016 F1 Championship was to get a few cars in between him and Rosberg. During the last few laps, Sebastian Vettel looked almost certain to push Rosberg back to third.

Throughout the 2016 Abu Dhabi GP, Rosberg and Hamilton ran extremely close to each other. In the beginning, it felt as though Hamilton would do something that could harm Rosberg's chance. However, Hamilton drove a respectful race and ended 2016 in his dominant fashion.

Only five points separated Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the end. The Abu Dhabi GP was also the most thrilling and entertaining race in the 2016 roster. Both Verstappen and Vettel fought valiantly for the third and fourth place finish, thus providing multiple overtakes and entertainment.

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