In 25 Years, Half Of The New Cars Sold Will Be Autonomous — Kia

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According to Kia Motors, in 25 years half of the new cars sold will be equipped with autonomous technology. This is based on a report from Kia.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kia Motors in the UK, The firm conducted a survey to predict the future of automobile industry in 25 years time. And the report suggests that the automobile industry will change drastically over the course of time.

With millions of self-driving cars hitting the road, Kia also states that in 25 years there will be dedicated lanes for autonomous vehicles. The self-driven vehicles will be able to communicate with the road and surrounding obstacles.

Due to rise in a number of autonomous vehicles, the insurance premium will drastically come down. Along with that, the concept of parking tickets will also be eliminated. As the self-driven cars are more safer, automatically road accidents will almost come to zero.


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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2016, 18:44 [IST]
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