Breeze Past National Highways — No More Advertisement Hoardings

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The highways of India will turn 'No Advertisement Zones' as the country's government has ordered to remove all hoardings across the length and breadth of the country's highways. The Road and Highways Ministry has issued an order last week that no hoardings will be entertained through the right of way on the highways.

The right of way along the highway will include the 10metre land strip which runs along the highway. Currently, India has one lakh kilometers of highways and the government is planning to double it in the next four years. The ministry has formed a special team which will work towards the removal of the hoardings across the country.

Advertisements through hoardings are a distraction while driving and could lead to accidents on the highways. The ministry has conducted a study and has focus on the removal of large hoardings, this move is in line with global practices.

The Road and Highways Minister, Mr Nitin Gadkari has set a target of reducing road deaths in country by half by 2020. The government is working on a roadmap to reduce the number and one such initiative is the removal of hoardings on the highways.

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