Mini Working On Countryman SUV Based Coupe — New Paceman?

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The Mini Paceman looks set to return but in a rather different form based on the newly unveiled Countryman SUV.

According to Auto Express, the BMW owned British carmaker is looking at a coupe styled five-door version of the new Countryman as an indirect replacement for the Paceman.

BMW felt that the old Paceman didn't fit with its SUV coupe profile due to the fact that it had three doors, something BMW's design boss, Adrian van Hooydonk admitted to Auto Express.

"Part of the issue was the three doors," van Hooydonk told Auto Express. "We have looked into a lot of things, but all of our SUV coupes are five-door vehicles. As much as people probably drive the cars with only one or two people, they like the comfort of an extra set of doors. They want to carry extra stuff - throw a bag in the rear or take someone."

The new SUV coupe will based on the same UKL1 platform that also underpins the new Countryman. The same platform is also used by BMW for the X1 and will also be the base for the new X2 coupe when it comes out in 2018.

The engine line-up is expected to mirror the one found on the new Countryman range with a range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

Design wise, the new Countryman SUV coupe is expected to feature a more sharply raked roof-line and sit lower to the ground than the regular Countryman.

The new Countryman based five-door SUV coupe is expected to hit the streets in 2018 in order to give the new Countryman some time to establish itself in the market, where it is now competing in a more premium segment.

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