Mad Mini Sets Side Wheelie Nurburgring Lap Record

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A man just went set a lap record around a 20.76 kilometre long track in western Germany known to drivers around the world as the Green Hell on just two wheels.

While most of you would wonder what's so special about going around the Nurburgring on two wheels, do take notice of the fact that the driver Yue Han, from China, was driving around while pulling a side wheelie.

The Mini he was driving featured a welded diff and and a solid left front tyre to help it balance properly as it went around the ring.

Han had a whole crew from the Nurburgring near him and his Mini to ensure that the lap didn't go awry.

Thankfully Han, who holds the record for the tightest parallel-parking job ever, went above and beyond enduring excruciating amounts of pain to ensure the lap actually happened.

The reason for the pain reports Bridge To Gantry, other than the sideways madness was the fact that the Mini's left rear tyre was vibrating strongly at speeds of over 12m/h (19.31km/h).

Despite the pain, Han maintained an average speed of 17m/h (27.35km/h) around the ring to set a lap time of 45 minutes.

Another interesting fact about this record, it was the first time a lap record attempt at the Nurburgring was livestreamed on Facebook.

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