Mini Goes Green — Joins Hybrid Revolution With New Countryman

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British carmaker Mini, which is owned by Germany's BMW has confirmed its first ever plug-in hybrid model. In an official release, the British marque stated that the green tech would be first seen on its upcoming 2017 Countryman SUV.

The new hybrid variant is expected to be available immediately when the new Countryman is unveiled in a few weeks time. It will sit alongside conventional petrol and diesel engine options.

Powering the all-new Countryman hybrid is the same setup seen underneath the BMW 225xe.

The BMW 225xe uses a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine alongside an electric motor.

While the setup will seem familiar to those who know the i8 sports car. However, in the BMW 225xe along with the upcoming Countryman, the engine and electric motor are found under the hood and on the rear axle of the vehicle respectively, a total 180 from the i8's setup.

The Mini's power and torque figures are expected to be quit similar to the 225xe figures of 221bhp and 385Nm of torque. Out of this the electric motor is responsible for 87bhp and 165.4Nm of instantaneous torque.

"With this model we want to convince Mini customers of the benefits of hybrid drive," says Peter Wolf, head of Mini brand management. "As far as the chassis and suspension are concerned, nothing changes from the conventionally driven variant."

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