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Will Mercedes Enter Formula E Championship?

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According to reports, Mercedes is gathering vital information about the Formula E Championship and it is said that the manufacturer is readying itself to enter the all electric racing series.

But Mercedes will not be able to join the emerging electric racing championship until 2018. In the last weekend's Marrakesh e-Prix, Mercedes F1 engineering leads Neil Martin and Steve Clark were keenly observing the proceedings.

Both the Mercedes crew were found spending most of their time around the Indian Formula E team, Mahindra Racing.

The engineers from Mercedes did not reveal why they are at the e-Prix, but it is evident that Mercedes is collecting valuable information for their future Formula E venture.

As per the agreement signed by Mercedes with Formula E, Mercedes cannot enter the championship until its fifth season in 2018. Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, Toto Wolf stated that Mercedes is observing the growth of Formula E with great interest.

Apart from the interest in the electric series, Mercedes have not shown any urgency to enter the Formula E. Similarly Ferrari also hinted its interest towards Formula E.

Mercedes has stated that it will not enter Formula E till the technological advancement of usability of single car for the entire race. Currently, drivers swap cars mid-race to complete the race on battery power.

Formula E has entered its third season with two races under its belt in the 2016-17 season. Mercedes will continue to send its resources to Formula E races to assess its decision to enter the all-electric racing series.

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