Here’s What You Need To Know About Mercedes’ Upcoming Performance Coupe — Mercedes C63 R

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A Mercedes-AMG C63 R version has been spotted tested at the famous Nürburgring in Germany recently. The test mule had a large rear wing and a front spoiler hinting at better downforce and better performance.

Also, the front and rear setup with the large rear wind does raise the hope of a more powerful engine, mostly a tuned version of the C 63's twin-turbocharged V8 power house.

The most powerful C63 Mercedes has presently is the C63 S, which produces 510bhp from its twin turbo 4.0-litre engine.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R shares the same engine as the C63 S, but makes 585hp. This shows that the 4.0-litre engine can be used to squeeze out more power.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R uses different turbochargers for the engine, along with reworked engine mapping and a higher compression ratio. Since there is no confirmation about the engine, we will have to wait.

The C63 R will surely lose some weight, thanks to carbon fiber parts and hopefully, aluminium wheels and a titanium exhaust system. All this would make the car lighter and faster, be it a straight line or around corners.

A more powerful version of the C63 was expected for some time, but in the form of a 'Black Series'. Looks like Mercedes had opted to go for the 'R' badge instead.

The Mercedes C63 R is expected to launch next year, and when it does, the car will compete with the BMW M4 GTS. Also, expect India to receive the car as well, because Mercedes is offering its entire line up (almost) here as well.

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