Mercedes-Benz Reveals Pickup Via A Teaser Video — Looks Insanely Sportier

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Mercedes-Benz has announced to fully reveal its new pickup on October 25, 2016, in Stockholm. The German auto manufacturer has released a teaser trailer revealing few highlights of the upcoming pickup.

The bed being the mainstay of a pickup though has not been revealed by Mercedes; however, there are significant details which have been revealed.

At the front, the pickup truck will feature a striking swept back headlights, which are shaped similar to the Mercedes-AMG GT.

A larger mesh grille appears at the center and below that is low and deep lip spoiler. Earlier Mercedes had announced hinting at off-pavement capability; the company though still has a road-focused approach for this pickup truck.

Another important detail is in the cab. While the video reveals it for a moment, the window beltline goes right up to the back door similar to the Nissan NP300 Navara. Some rumors suggest the Navara could be the basis for the new pickup from Mercedes.

Mercedes only added fuel to the fire by announcing that it will collaborate with Nissan-Renault on a pickup truck. This is also isn't the first time Nissan's midsize pickup was re-badged since Renault offers its own version as the Alaskan.

The Alaskan and the Navara will be built in Argentina and Spain, hence, Mercedes could build its pickup truck in the same plant as well.

As for the teaser, Mercedes reveals the pickup in the video as a concept, hence, it might not be the production model we see in the video.

The truck is far sportier than what we might assume a pickup should look like. With Mercedes looking to offer pickup trucks, the segments has only increased the curiosity levels of auto enthusiasts.

Watch the teaser of Mercedes-Benz's new pickup truck.

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