Mercedes-AMG May Be Working On An Electric AMG Crossover

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Mercedes-AMG may be working on an all-new electric crossover. It has revealed a couple of photos which gives us a sneak-peek of front and rear of the car.

With the Paris Motor Show around the corner, many car manufacturers have already started to tease their products which will be displayed at the French automobile show. Now Mercedes-AMG also follows the same trend.

The two photos emerged on the Instagram account of Mercedes-AMG. The pictures are of the new AMG, which shows the front and rear of the car. Taking a closer look at the images, we can notice that the ride height is higher than that of regular AMG's. So it is likely to be a crossover or SUV.

The rear snap suggests that the car will be equipped with a foldable roof. So it might be a high-performance compact convertible SUV. With Mercedes eyes to offer more electric cars, it would be a perfect compact urban commuter.

But still, these are just predictions, as this is a picture of just a toy car! To find out more about this we have to wait for the Paris Motor Show.


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