Mysterious McLaren Technology Center Is Mind Blowing

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Many automotive headquarters might come and go, but few come close the sheer design of the McLaren Technology Center (MTC), it is full of drama.

The MTC was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 and is the base for the company's automotive arm, Formula 1 team and at McLaren Applied Technologies. Also, it could make a great canvas for a new James Bond movie.

The kidney-shaped MTC building sits on the edge of a man-made lake which helps the building keep cool in summer and warm during the winter.

The entrance to the MTC building is first invited by Jenson Button's 2015 MP4-30 Formula 1 car this sits along with Bruce McLaren's Austin 7, the car in which he claimed his first win.

After the Austin 7 sits the 1970 Can-Am car reveling in theglossy orange paint. The car shattered the lights when the technician fired the massive yet simple Formula 1 car.

Also, seen are the resplendent Aerostrike which holds the Soapbox Speed record at the Goodwood to the 1995 Le Mans-winning McLaren F1.

Moving along you are taken aback with the spoils of the racing history of McLaren, the hallway is lined up silverware from race wins.

The collection includes wins and prizes from Le Mans to F1. Also, seen is the Indianapolis 500 Trophy. All these prizes make McLaren the only race team to win F1 World Title, Le Mans, and the Indy 500 triple crown.

There are even the road going cars in the lineup which includes Sport Series (540C/570S), Super Series (650S/675LT) and Ultimate Series(P1/P1 GTR).

The MTC is also the production base for its cars which sits at the end of the shiny white corridor. The factory floor is full of activity with workers in black-and-red McLaren polo shirts working on the full range of Sport and Super Series cars.

The team has been growing since the facility was opened and the technicians are being trained as the demand for the cars increases.

Most importantly, the cars are hand built and the fact that there are no robots working on the cars.

As customization is a key factor in supercar business and there are multiple options of a possible combination when it comes to the uniqueness.

Cars finished in bespoke paint colours or even fitted with McLaren Special Operations options are assembled on the same production line as the regular models.

The MTC building might not reveal much from the outside or passerby but from the inside, the technology center is truly a philosophy McLaren follows.

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